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1- High nutritional value, consistent nutritional quality, maintaining the good condition of the leaves and branches in the pelletizing thus avoiding waste;

2- Easy to work because it is kept in packages, sacks or bags;

3- Space - minimizes storage leaving the stock in order, as the it is stored in sacks, easy to stack and can be stored on shelves and pallets;

4- Cleaning - because it is stored in sacks it keeps the entire environment clean, without dirt, losses;

5- Free from pests and mold, thus preventing the proliferation of fungi because of the low moisture,

6- Easy to work, reducing the workforce in services by up to 85%, as the keeper has the means to put the right measure for the animal and does not need to be measuring, thus avoiding waste risks;

7- Eliminates barbed wires, thus avoiding injuries and saving costs in the transport;

8- The selection of food by the animal that eats is also avoided integrally the pelleted alfalfa and not just the leaves or stems;

9- One kilo of alfalfa pellets is equivalent to four kilos of alfalfa hay in nutritional values;

10- Alfalfa Pellets has a longer shelf life (6 months) because it is totally pure.

Indicated for:

Horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, buffaloes, mules, donkeys, birds, laying birds, rodents, ostriches, fish, ornamental birds, rabbits, also used as fertilizer for gardening in general, in the composition of feed.