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Alfalfa pelletizing is an industrial process that reduces the raw material to small particles (grinding), subsequent agglutination and compression by pressing (pelleting).

- Queen of fodder;

- Alfalfa 100% pure, pelleted, rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

- Maintain all original features of the product;

- Easy to work with;

- Clean;

- Can reduce labor by up to 85%

- Handler puts the right measure for your animal and does not need to be measured, thus avoiding risks of waste;

- Eliminates barbed wires, thus avoiding injuries;

- Saves expenses with transportation (freight);

- Easy storage (space, cleaning, losses, pests, mold)

- Prevents fungal growth due to low humidity.

Animal list: equines, ostriches, laying hens, sheep and goats, chinchillas, pigs, cattle.


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